Mort was born on Cape Breton Island, has been playing guitar since he was 13, and has been programming & playing keyboard synthesizers for 1/2 as long (anyone remember the Korg Poly 800?).  He won't tell us how old he is, but Ummagumma was only the 21st LP in his collection & he bought it when it was new.  Other early influences came from Steppenwolf, The Beatles, Yes, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, Charlie Mingus, Thelonious Monk and Stockhausen.  

He has played in numerous local Saint John rock bands including Tickle, Stryder, Stonehenge, Airtite (where he learned to modulate the filter), Diamondback (where he first met Bruce), and Sue Hachey & Rampage (where he grew to hate Bon Jovi).  Acoustic folk music is also a big part of his musical life, and he won a regional CBC song writing contest for 'Last Night' a multi-tracked solo work.  He records at home on a Portastudio 464 (after giving up on Cakewalk) with 3 different acoustic guitars (including Uncle Mort's 1957 Gibson LG-1), mandolin and banjo.  

He worked with vocalist Debbie Adshade -  - in several projects, most notably as 1/3 of Adshade Cafe, whose 1995 independent CD 'The Thunder Gods Wife' was nominated for best ECMA roots recording -  Adshade Cafe also participated in the official reopening show at Saint John's restored vaudeville venue, the Imperial Theatre, and Remembering Stan Rogers: An East Coast Tribute -, a 2 night stand at Halifax's Rebecca Cohen Auditorium (with East Coast musicians such as Matt Minglewood, Lennie Gallant, Natalie McMaster & John Allen Cameron), broadcast on CBC TV and released on CD in 2 volumes by EMI Canada. 

For guitar in Eclipse, he plays a Line 6 Variax modelling guitar and his stock 1973 natural finish Hagstrom Swede with the heaviest pick he can find (and occasionally a heavy stainless steel slide), thru a Line 6 Pod X3 Live processor.  His current synth setup is a Korg Wavestation EX (for organs, pianos & multi layered soundscapes), MIDIed to a Dave Smith eVolver desktop (for those analog moments).  

Other musical highlights from his varied career include opening shows for Randy Bachman, Kim Mitchell, Lee Aaron, Trooper, John Sebastian, shaking Steve Howe's hand, and making Rick Wakeman laugh. 


  If you'd like to ask Mort a question, you can email him directly at