"I first picked up a guitar back 1985/86. My early influences were Pink Floyd (go figure), Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. Later I got into heavier music like Metallica and Megadeth, however that was relatively short-lived until I discovered instrumental guitarists like Joe Satriani. I moved to New Brunswick from Ontario back in 1990 and the first local band I played in was called Ground Zero featuring Julian Austin (then known as Ken McPhee). Over the years I’ve played in several bands including Rampage, Tenderfoot Pass, The Jolene Erb Band (aka. NV), Big Easy, and New Divide. Big Easy was formed in 1996 and lasted for 13 years till 2009 making that the longest running band I’ve ever been in.

I have always played Strats, however I picked up a used 1994 PRS Custom 22 back in 2002 and until recently haven’t touched my 1985 Strat. I also have a 1995 Ovation Anniversary edition acoustic electric and my only amp of choice after switching from a Marshall half-stack has been my Rivera R30 1-12 combo. I use a Pedaltrain 2 board with a Voodoo Labs power supply for all my effects. For effects, I run an Empress Tremolo, TC Electronics Corona Chorus, TC Electronics Nova Delay, and a Lizard Legg Effects Flying Dragon Boost through the effects loop on my Rivera. Ahead of the preamp I run a TC Electronics Polytune tuner, Plutonium Chi Wah-Wah wah pedal, Martime Analog Lil’ Stompers compressor, Fulltone OCD, and a Retrosonic Phaser.

Music is a very big part of who I am, so I hope to always be playing."



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